Our Approach

We understand that every business is unique and work closely with management to fully understand the long-term strategic requirements to ignite growth and build enduring value. Our investment approach is grounded in the following principles:

Genuine Partnerships & Commitment

We believe in genuine partnerships, those which demand mutual commitment – the commitment to learn from one another, to set aside egos and to fight for shared success.

Responsiveness & Flexibility

Unlike larger institutions, we have a nimble and efficient decision making process that allows for timely feedback. Further, we have a flexible investment mandate that allows us to structure transactions to meet the unique needs of companies and their founders.

Building Enduring Value

We are passionate about helping companies create sustainable, long-term success and have the drive to go the distance despite the inevitable challenges that come along the way.

Investments that Ensure Alignment

Our equity investments are made pari passu with management’s equity creating strong alignment of interests and allowing everyone to participate in the success of the business.

Clear & Transparent Communication

We believe that trust is developed with our partners through constant open and honest communication, even when the conversation is difficult.

Integration of ESG Practices

We are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across all Kian activities to generate long-term value for our investors, partners, firm and community. Click here to read our ESG policy.

Our guiding principles are central to who we are and how we do business. They shape our partnerships, help us make decisions and ensure alignment. Most importantly they allow us to accomplish more and have fun in the process.

Kevin McCarthy, Co-founder & Partner at Kian

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