Time-Tested Investment Approach

Our firm understands that every business is different and we work closely with management to fully understand the long-term strategic requirements of the business in order to develop a capital structure that is specifically designed around each company’s unique requirements and growth initiatives.

Our investment approach is grounded in the following principles:

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    Partnership Orientation

    The foundation of our investment approach is to create enduring partnerships with outstanding management teams. We understand that the most important asset of any business is the quality of its people. For this reason, we are focused on partnering with proven teams that share our commitment to growth and have a personal stake in the long-term success of the business.

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    Value Creation Through Growth

    We believe that the primary driver of value creation in our portfolio will be through the growth of EBITDA or operating earnings. We are attracted to companies where there is not only a history of profitable growth, but a defined catalyst for growth in the future. In addition to organic growth, we expect acquisitions to play a key role in the strategic initiatives of our portfolio companies.

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    Responsiveness and Flexibility

    Unlike larger institutions, Kian Capital is a lean partnership which makes our investment process more nimble and efficient. Our firm is positioned to respond quickly and is unencumbered by any limitations regarding structure or security type. We know that responsiveness and flexibility will be critical components to our success and have designed our organization accordingly.

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    Integrity and Commitment

    Kian Capital’s principals will make a significant personal investment in every portfolio company. This further strengthens our commitment to the success of every investment and ensures that our interests are aligned with our management partners. Due to the personal nature of every investment, we expect our management partners to not only share our commitment to growth and value-creation, but to maintain the highest standards of integrity.